you got my back


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naruto challenge: (3/3) favourite relationship → uchiha itachi and uchiha sasuke

"i won’t let my brother’s life, and this village, perish like some afterthought."


i will love you forever

あまえっこ by nomade
あまえっこ by nomade

You don’t realize how precious something was until you’ve lost it. Like foolish living beings that humans are, I believed that he’d always be there when I turned around.

Perhaps I only wanted to believe in his smile, the ‘it’s okay’s he whispered to me. I blocked out all the sad smiles he gave me, the little droop of his shoulders as I disappointed him again and again, the tear-filled eyes that refused to let the tears drop.

Yes. I would have continued to live, oblivious to his pains, if he had not left me.

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